CMS / Competence Assurance Capability

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Occupational Training, I have a C & G Level 5 Certificate in Learning & Development.   I have direct experience of both being assessed and being the assessor. In additional I have studied extensively the SQA, C & G and OPITO models.

Since 1985 on various projects the design of new and improvement of existing Competence Management System have been my responsibility.

In Kazakhstan one of my main area of responsibility was Competence Assurance, my activities included:

  • Leading the mentoring and coaching of professionally qualified national employees.
  • Managing technical capability development quality assurance & auditing.
  • Managing the verifier & assessor standardisation meetings, training and coaching sessions.
  • Supervising 14 full time coach / assessors & 5 verifiers.
  • Developed and documented the Verification procedure for Competence Models including Verification check-lists and web based tracking systems.
  • Participated in the development of Competency Profiles / Workbooks & related training modules.
  • Coordinated baseline assessments of production & maintenance workers.
  • Conducted related new candidate and assessor inductions, training and coaching sessions.

I have become aware of and knowledgeable in a number of companies CMS, for example: ExxonMobil, Shell, Agip and Chevron. More recently my responsibility at Cegelec for maintaining and upgrading the CMS accredited by OPITO.