For start-up:
Are stake holders confident that front-line operator and technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge for a safe and flawless start-up.

Steady state:
How well does your company ensure that workers are competent with all mandatory safety-critical knowledge & skills.


We can work with you to build your own robust competence assurance system including developing company-specific competence standards as well as tailoring national occupational standards to meet your own specific requirements.

In the case that no Competence Assurance system exists, the following actions would take place:

  • Agree Standard
  • Develop Competence Profiles
  • Prepare work process designs
  • Launch assessment (& verification) campaign
  • Track individuals’ assessments competed,

In the case of an existing Competence Assurance system, the following actions would take place:


Our experienced compliance auditor can assist you to ensure that your audit runs efficiently to minimise any disruption and time taken.


We can design a unique competence assurance system that is created specifically to meet your organisation’s needs.


Take advantage of our highly experienced and knowledgeable technical assessment services and conduct on-site coaching to ensure a sustainable competence assurance system within your workplace.