Does your company wish to prove adherence to international training and competence best practices?

In the case of accreditation, for example applying for OPITO accreditation: Following successful participation in the approvals process, training providers are awarded individual approval for the specified qualifications and selected standards.  Training providers can then enrol candidates on to OPITO Technical Qualification Assessment Programs and request certification of successful candidates from OPITO.

This would entail the following:

  • Audit existing system
  • Map (review against requirement & identify gaps)
  • Prepare action plain & remediate
  • Preparation of submission /Tender Document

We can also offer consultancy for tender submissions that have ‘Competency Assurance’ as part of the bid selection criteria. In addition to accreditation submissions, we also have extensive experience in the development of Tender Documents which require to have a competence assurance element.

Our proven success on various project with accreditation speaks for itself, as does the numerous tender documents we have prepared.